More appreciation for his real sex dolls

I still hope you are satisfied with your real sex doll! They announced shipping from a French warehouse for about 5 days. I hope not to end with an inflatable doll anyway! I will notify you! Welcome to the forum. It’s a pity you didn’t order to come to the forum. The first price of a doll in TPE is 2,000 euros, and then the silicone is between 4,000 and 6,000 euros. Here you have bought a 600 euro doll, and the head of only one WM doll is already 500 euros. You can imagine that there is a problem. Except for having poor quality and toxic tpe dolls (which may damage their bones and quickly become unusable) for health reasons, or having inflatable dolls, you will be lost and disappointed anyway. What a pity, because we bought a good quality doll from a good seller here and provided after-sales service for repair, we appreciate his real sex dolls even more. AliExpress and eBay scramble to buy a doll that will never be said.

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