Why Keep Your Dolls Away From Heat Sources or Hot Surfaces?

These women are mature enough to make good choices for sex. Experience unforgettable moments with mature sexy lover dolls. Lesbian sex dolls can be used to satisfy your deepest desires and to make your sex life more active. If you’re new to buying lifelike sex dolls, you might be surprised by how realistic they are.

Realistic sex dolls look and feel like real people, making them one of the most realistic sex toys on the market today. Before the sex doll head is shipped, it will be carefully applied by a professional makeup artist. TPE’s face makeup is relatively simple, the makeup is not strong, and it may fade over time. Just follow your normal makeup removal and makeup routine.

The makeup of the sex doll head is relatively fine, and in order to maintain the durability of the makeup, there are specially customized crafts and materials in the makeup, so that the makeup will not fall off due to daily cleaning. Avoid poking your flat chested sex doll with sharp objects such as jewelry, long nails, and jacket zippers. Avoid pressing the doll into walls or protruding furniture parts when moving the doll. You can damage the material and potentially expose bone under the skin.

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Keep your doll away from heat sources or hot surfaces, as the material will burn quickly. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause skin discoloration. While silicone is somewhat heat resistant, it will still catch fire when touched. Therefore, avoid furnaces, heating vents, radiators, water heaters and space heaters.

Due to her humanoid appearance, the sex doll appearance is a major feature of it. Easier to stimulate the user’s libido. For wm dolls with near-human responsive functions, the average user can accept the central idea. Users appreciate that these dolls are the epitome of total obedience and zero distraction. This just increases the flare of testosterone pumping people.

In real life, it’s hard to find girlfriends with body models, and sex dolls meet your needs. As technology advances, this embrace and apparent general demand will only lead to a boom in the sex doll industry. They can be made into a variety of tops and graphics. The skin of the doll also wraps the skeleton inside and you can place the doll in this sexual position to suit your needs.

For most people, being able to achieve the beauty of their fantasy dreams is never an easy task. These people prefer to spend time with a realistic sex doll because it gives them better satisfaction and pleasure. However, with the advent of adult sex dolls, the meaning of spiritual fulfillment and pleasure has completely changed.

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