Protect Your Sex Doll From Harsh Environments

She looks and feels like the real thing, and within seconds, you’ll see why she’s so revered. Adult dolls are beautiful and one of the nicest women you can get your hands on. Some people prefer the feel of a silicone vagina to one made of TPE, but you’ll have to test it and decide for yourself.

It gets your blood flowing right away. If you want to get her attention, put your hand on her nipple or ask her to put her mouth to you. If you’re wondering, yes, you can pretty well modify the flat chested sex doll head the way you want. Silicone is more resistant to sunlight, heat, warm water, general water, scratches, stains, and… everything you can think of. It’s also not as tactile as TPE.

The garage provides great privacy and security. Unlike other rooms in the house, the garage is secluded and not accessible to most people. Cleaning, care and maintenance is easier, your doll is less laborious and lasts longer. TPE is not even close. Advanced customization options are also available for some premium TPE doll heads, such as tongue and tooth sets.

You can also use other realistic features, such as a hair transplant option, to inject more realism into the design and style of the doll’s head. Because silicone sex dolls are more expensive, manufacturers often use better materials than TPE models for the skeletons of silicone models. Or add extra functionality to differentiate it as a higher level model. However, it would be grossly misleading to say that all headers support every type of customization.

living sex doll bj

Whether you prefer more intimate or rough sex, lying down or standing, you can have sex with your sex doll in any way possible for the highest level of satisfaction. Whether you’ve just bought a new anime sex doll or want to spice things up with dolls you already own, we guarantee you an unreal sex experience. Using the doll requires a lot of preparation time – powdering the skin surface, heating it with an electric blanket, etc.

Make sure to store the doll in its storage case to avoid dust and other foreign objects. Make sure the storage box is well made to protect your sex doll from the “harsh” environment. Now that your sex doll is assembled and ready, it’s time to think about storage. Don’t get us wrong! If you’re happy with your doll hanging out outdoors, we’re all for it.

They are softer than regular silicone sex dolls, have a true skin-like feel, and offer a variety of appearance options. Still, most want to be more cautious. That’s why every japanese sex doll we sell comes with a storage kit. You can hang the doll in a closet or other space when not in use. Many companies offer miniature dolls. The dolls have metal skeletons and movable facial features so you can adjust their expressions and poses.

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