Here are the models of real sex dolls for you

In the face of youth, no one is very old. For TPE real sex doll for up to 25 years (there are some silicone ladies), I know this option, as long as I see my little hat here or there is not the most common, but TPE and silicone There are some small hats. Note the width of the waist and shoulders, which are usually smaller. Depending on what you want to do, this can be a problem because finding clothes is more difficult. Since then, most brands quoted on the forums are correct, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. To see more clearly, you need WM based on usage, maximum weight, realistic expectations, details, handling and maintenance in your size range. Here are the models of real sex dolls that are right for you: indicates that there is a 157B cup , But there are also 155A cups (very thin size, comic style), 158A cups (very small breasts, suitable for suddenly looking young), 160B cups (a large B cup), 166B cups, which are thin everywhere.

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