A nice copy of real sex dolls

The joints rupture quickly, and the TPE real sex doll disintegrates quickly within a year, if it is unlucky, it is toxic to the skin. Usually, it costs three times as much to buy one. After resting and having fun, assuming you need the least amount of strength and no back problems, you can lift a heavy object and be able to handle it easily. So 40kg doing somersault is not necessarily the best choice. But only experience will tell you. Later, in this forum, we prefer to talk about love dolls over sex dolls, because I seem to have read more. Therefore, I will be careful when handling my coiled doll. However, it is impossible to have a higher budget … my wife can’t help raising prices! In the worst case, you end up with an inflatable doll that is, at best, a good copy of real sex dolls.

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