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Thank you for your recommendation! I wish you all a good day. We can say that it is also difficult for customs to pass 100 cm, because 110-130 should not choose juvenile faces, otherwise it will not pass (I think of a piper doll, very cute, but …) The smallest one shown here is 140 cm . If you are looking for a real sex doll, you must check the size before you can use the most clothes. See your priorities. Out of curiosity and jealousy, I ordered a doll on Ali Express, hoping it was OK! I know this is not the best, but I still hope it’s okay, I paid 600 euros for a 1.68 million pound and 40 kg coin. Does anyone have experience there? My goal is to replace her while she is away. The problem is that, considering the price compared to the product, you may encounter the same problem as many other real sex dolls buyers in this regard.

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