Do everything to have real sex dolls

It is undoubtedly the real sex doll with the best weight / size ratio, which can be explained by its polyurethane foam. I don’t know about other models in this matter, so choosing the level should be done quickly. I also lived with my parents at the age of 27 (because the house was big enough to allow the next door) and that didn’t stop me from ordering my first doll (should arrive within 3 days after waiting 3 weeks). Everyone else in the forum is in the same situation and can even live in pairs. I am also one of those unwilling to take responsibility, and I will do everything to hide it and no one can find it (it is not easy). It’s just that when you want it, you can do everything to have real sex dolls and ignore the difficulties (such as living with your parents). The first thing I did was ask my mother’s permission when I was still at home.

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