It’s not hard to get real sex dolls into clothes

When I feel tired or sick, I will admit that 38 kg of real sex doll is rare and heavy. So 48 … The point is that it is an inert substance, and there is no muscle to hold in the hand, it is really heavy! If you are very muscular, that should not be a problem. As for clothes, there is no problem with my size 38. It is not difficult for him to put on clothes and accessories. Shapes can change, such as raising a chick after exercise, and sometimes it can be complicated. In my case, there is also a technique, only 26Kg, between sitting the doll almost on his arm or stretching the arm, it will change the balance, giving the impression that the difference is 10 kg. First of all, with solid joints, good wedges and adequate preparation, you can easily move beautiful real sex dolls (single sofas) (sofa beds), for example, if you have to lift it out of the bathtub, it must be complicated.

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