Become a new body of JY158’s real sex dolls

This is a completely different real sex doll experience between 26 kg of hard joints and 26 kg of still very strong joints. I weigh 38 to 48 kg. I think I will develop other habits (maybe better). What I want to say is, first of all, you need to master your gestures well, be patient, cautious, and know how to predict what you want to do. Things and experience come over time. Some people are more talented than others. I am not. Then not ready to accept the accident. What you see is my 5th or 6th doll, WM168E is one of the most promising candidates. The argument is mainly about clothes of “natural” size, as it is mainly a doll standing up, and I want to know how TPE performs in this position. Previously, my focus was on the new body still in WM155DD, or the new body of real sex dolls that would rather be JY158. By then, a lot will change.

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