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All of us are willing to accept our favorite real sex doll (after a difficult choice), but reason often changes our minds. Lighter is preferred. I wouldn’t imagine having a doll of 40kg … already 28kg with her, I can’t sign a contract, but … I must say that I’m more muscular than a group. I am very interested in the field of AI in which my employer is involved. I recently discovered VSE dolls and plan to acquire them soon. I learned more here, and when I make up my mind, please give me your opinions and suggestions. For a long time, I really want to feel a gentle presence during the day and night. I also agree with my colleagues that having a beautiful person has changed your life! Usually, you will find all the information you need for real sex dolls here! Hello everyone, introduce myself, I am 50 years old, I am in Brittany, I am a proud owner of 1m65 for 6 days.

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