There are indeed some very beautiful sex dolls models

I am 45 years old and I live in the south of France. It happens to be in Narbonne. I finally started it. Hope is too strong. So I placed a small order on Monday. For the first time, I made some. Research, provide suggestions for sex doll, I came across this forum, this forum looks very interesting! I have n’t received my beautiful doll, but as an avatar, I put a picture of her face from the sales scene. Now, her name is 146cm SM doll … I hope I wo n’t be disappointed with the purchase if You accept that I can advise me on many things. Congratulations on your purchase and hope you will not be disappointed. You have come to the right place for a suggestion, but it is usually best to accept the suggestion before placing an order! Otherwise, I personally don’t really know the SM doll brand. Anyway, there are beautiful faces on her pictures. I will know about this forum before, and I will not hesitate to ask you for your valuable suggestions. Your avatar is great! I don’t know the brand yet, it does have some very beautiful sex dolls models. This will make my choice more complicated.

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