Considering the position of sex dolls in the box

I would have to lift the sex doll‘s majestic ass, and I found it harder to put Kiera in a photo-realistic position than to hold her in her arms. Another topic: weight distribution. All TPEs are located in the thighs. The joints must be particularly stressed, and if moved regularly, it may break quickly. Often, this often makes you wonder what to do with the doll. The more times you need to move / manipulate, the lighter and more balanced my recommendation is, the main thing is to let it lie down, why not do it. But think about how to remove it from the box when you arrive. Considering the position of the sex dolls in the box, it is already troublesome 30 kg, so 50 kg. Some “unpacking” suggestions in the manual are also good, because it seems that many of us find ourselves stupid in front of the box.

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