Lengthen and lift up so many small operations of sex dolls

What do you do? Yes, the shape of the sex doll is very large. It is a gel material of TPE. You will find that the quality is particularly uneven. After that, I think it takes a lot of people to try, and you seem to be confident, so keep playing! This template must be very careful. Easy to tear. I have read one person’s comment, otherwise the situation is complicated. But hey, when you love happiness. Weight may be a measure of a problem. As I just said, raising a doll is not only a matter of muscle capacity: the response when the TPE is raised is bound to be more delicate and make the task more difficult. Carrying a doll is one thing, but small trips can sometimes be more complicated! Move it a few centimeters, change the support, lengthen and lift the sex dolls so many small operations, its grip is more reduced, and the task is more complicated! Same as above dressing!

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