Read what we wrote about the shape of sex dolls

No one can imagine, this can quickly dissuade, especially the sex doll is very fragile and must be handled gently and carefully. The best advice I can give you is to buy a doll that can crack you. This is the most important thing. Indeed, I rarely move my dolls because they often lie in bed. No, I don’t make 120 kg of muscle, but I’m in good shape. My job is that I often deal with mannequins (usually filled with 60 kg), and once I find the right grip, it “goes well”, but the mannequin is not the size of a doll. I wo n’t say it all. I ’ll let you read what we wrote about the shape of the sex dolls and how to place it. Everything will be complicated. You’d better have long and strong arms, a solid back and strong knees. Otherwise, you will end up Smashed to death in the hospital.

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