I can’t all lose real sex dolls

I turned to dolls because it was very painful to sleep alone and I didn’t want to betray my relationship with my wife. She knows and agrees that having her own things can make her happy. I am mainly interested in BBW-type real sex doll. I see a lot of things on the side of 6eye, but they weigh 50 kg … I also have to plan to welcome it and consider using a slightly larger accommodation space. Any Things that can let me handle it properly. So, I’m looking for an expert friend to guide you in the right direction. Thanks again for your welcome, I doubt the valve is good, after reading the forum, I want to see what I can still wear without worrying about it … this is a catamaran, I was a follower of the rise of cast iron a few years ago All lost real sex dolls, 35 years old, I couldn’t complete the second series.

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