Everyone has the same real sex dolls

Courage to wait. In order to hide, I chose a 170 cm long trunk seat, which I think is a hundred euros. On Amazon, I added a small lock. At the tip of the knife, do it yourself / or store, I’m doing some real sex doll research before deciding! Thanks for this forum. Have a good day. I registered on this site to learn more about the world of dolls before I consider buying. I want to buy a doll, so come here to inquire. Good evening, consider time. I am Islay (like an island known for its malicious patent protection), a 33-year-old man, a couple 6 years, and a father 4 years. And Belgian (but without accent) professional life means that I have to live separately and my partner works indefinitely, just like all real sex dolls owned by everyone, and I can’t afford the needs and desires at the moment.

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