Which real sex dolls have the perfect figure

I know someone lost quickly, but the only real sex doll I like is 50 kg, not steel made of cast iron. I also have to plan diet and training before I can properly handle my doll without hurting It (or destroy it at will). I understand those who say that dolls force you to progress. Then I must think too much (for the seller), but my journey will be long, but shorter than life, this is very important! Ms. said yes, you are already lucky. She stood aside and allowed you to allow it, which was great. 50 kg is definitely a beautiful shape. Some are lighter. I’ve been searching, I’ve been searching, I told myself, I like the Angie face on the 6ye doll, but the j cup bothers me because it’s too thin compared to other people, so I see the body Cup, I said to myself, which real sex dolls have the perfect figure, but give both?

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