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This is the minimum requirement when you want to be a member of a group. I am 41 years old and single. I haven’t bought a real sex doll yet, but I think more and more. It can be said that this is almost the first step. I hope you can help me choose me. Generally speaking, price and weight are the limiting conditions. After all, you must keep in mind, otherwise it will not work properly. Yes, you are right, your favorite is essential, I admit that I have visited some websites and have seen some beautiful content that I like very much, but there will be more technical issues, if I can That said, it reminds me (the lack of the opportunity to walk around the showroom to see sweet confections). Hello, welcome to the forum, just a little advice to learn about the material I have a WM doll in TPE, this is my ideal taste, but TPE is a fragile material, need to pay more attention, silicone is more From the information I saw on the forum, you will find all the real sex dolls information you want here.

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