Avoid scratching or slipping real sex dolls

She won’t dress easily. The tips are the same. Since you have ordered real sex doll clothes, dark colors may be wiped off and absorbed by TPE. Therefore, I recommend that you put white on the bottom (for example, a white T-shirt at the top and one or two layers of gray or fleshy tights at the bottom). And wash it regularly for the first few days to remove excess fat to enhance this color transfer effect. I am naturally patient, and fortunately, if I count, my beauty will not arrive until July … still a good half-month waiting time, but indeed, sometimes I hurry (a few days!) And then regularly Visit the site to see some photos. Thank you very much for providing these tips; I have browsed the forums, found a lot of “user manuals”, and you have brought others! So I always look forward to clothes, but I look at the colors, and I’m looking for accessories that make life easier to clean, such as bath mats, avoid scratching or slipping real sex dolls (due to the reinforcement of the feet), and chairs are easy Clean up, this forum also attracted many other ideas!

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