Benefit From All Your Real Sex Dolls Experience

I’m glad I found it myself (even if it’s best to do it before buying), and due to future deadlines and all the suggestions of real sex doll found here, I hope to be prepared and not caught off guard. Glad, I appreciate my choice for the future, but please note that this is mine, I will say it again, but I am glad to find this forum: before I order a beautiful product, let him fuss, I am afraid I am afraid All these “chains” and these concerns make me happy, and I’m glad to benefit from all your real sex dolls experience! I have a history of 1/2 century, and I am interested in dolls. Before I decided, I collected some information …. Material, weight, size, etc … choose the most wonderful! Hi everyone, I am 32 years old. I am in a 25 square meter room. I need to enter the 1st area of ​​the forum. The two main reasons I came here are:-Follow the silicone angel revealed here. -Get / manage a doll in the best condition due to the news on the forum. I plan to buy Ex-Lite and silicone noodles before the fall begins. I am a handyman and I am not afraid to engage in DIY projects.

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