More like a real person than silicone real sex dolls

I’m providing such suggestions here, I snooped on a better idea on the forum, comparing the differences between real sex doll products, and it is really difficult to choose between TPE and silicone. But I think that whatever What the material is, the important thing is that we take care of his doll (after I was wrong, there is actually no big deal) poor opinion) is the ability to combine the advantages of the two materials, as far as I know, this will be Rugged silicone body and “soft” TPE-specific parts. No, if it works, it will definitely be done, or maybe a new product will be launched? Yes, it has a lot of faces, but I think it’s a bit skinny. After you taste the color, what’s important is your happiness! I found that she was going to be sick. Tastes and colors. Then I have silicone and TPE, I prefer TPE. The rigidity of the skeleton makes the whole body softer, and I feel that my arm is almost more like a real person than silicone real sex dolls.

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