You are talking about better finishes for real sex dolls

Given my budget, I am currently hesitant between three manufacturers. I hesitate to spend a little more money to consider using silicone. The real sex doll has a maximum size between 150 and 170 cm and is for general use only, and it is limited to my room. Here I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you for reading. Silicone must be at least 5,000 Euros, otherwise TPE is doubtful at 2,000 Euros, which is very good. For example, 6YE is the best paint I can see. WMDoll is my preference, but because I have two and I am used to 155BB Body (I won’t change it myself), girl doll … Read: size and relative weight between girl and JY doll. Hello, thank you for your response and make me smile. When I talk about regular use, there may be several times a day, or days of the week, which is sorry if I am not happy. You’re talking about better finishes for real sex dolls, but is this so obvious?

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