This is not the real sex dolls i expected

You want to know which real sex doll to choose. Like me, choose the most beautiful! good evening! Therefore, Bernie (62) was newly registered. Quick introduction: I am 55 years old. I have a girlfriend, but everyone is at home. I got a “doll” 1 month ago. My girlfriend knows that it doesn’t seem to bother her (too much). I don’t want to be stupid, I often like new experiences! Before ordering this rogue device, I had read many books on the subject to understand where I was going and to avoid as many unpleasant surprises as possible. After reading, I was given the impression that quite a few people believe that by purchasing dolls, they can get “real women” in the ideal size! Personally, this is not the real sex dolls I expected (luckily!). Some people say, “Get 100 leagues from a real woman, but get 100 leagues from what one can do.” I have enough. I agree with this statement.

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