I bought real sex dolls over a month ago

Yes, please pay attention to your weight. I ended up choosing my real sex doll weight, and I don’t regret it because I can easily wear it despite the small size. It is very strong in TPE, has a good skeleton, has beautiful curves as a whole, and is not exaggerated, and has good flexibility. I’m new here, and I repeat my advice just like everyone else: take your time to choose. I read a lot of topics everywhere, and came to the conclusion that almost everyone who whimped shopping was very disappointed. Obviously, the first doll costs 2,000 euros. The following is a sense of disappointment lacking realism. The greater disappointment is due to the low strength / price ratio / model combination of dolls of all brands. This is just my impression of a beginner, but I think I am very close to the truth. I am almost 56 years old and I bought a real sex dolls more than a month ago.

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