There are many pleasing real sex dolls

As for starting to collect heads or real sex doll. I think I will wait until we “sell” them for 1 Euro. I plan to buy a beautiful doll as soon as possible, but which one should I choose? I was so dense in my fifties that I was fascinated by the universe. Personally, despite the many warnings, I have not paid enough attention. But hey, I definitely don’t regret my choice (I have a small apartment … not obviously moving without being hurt), something I absolutely don’t want !!! When to take it out … in this “Day” is absolutely impossible, but I also dream of it, so is she! Take the time to find your loved ones. I would add: My beauty (the one in TPE) has a lot of pleasing real sex dolls, they never know what to do, but what is simple and peaceful! I will leave it there tonight.

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