I came across one of these real sex dolls resellers

Hi everyone, my name is Nico, I’m in my thirties, and recently I’m an inspector. I have always been an independent person (also?), The celibacy associated with this state (not living a bad life) years ago, I discovered the famous real sex doll, but I found it too expensive, Not good from a company perspective, average quality. Still, like everyone, I needed it, and I turned to the “eyes” at first. I then adopted silicone hips, which pleased me (although they have a short life compared to the price). Finally, three weeks ago, I connected to Amazon to update this “tool” and found out: I must admit that I felt adrenaline at the moment. I know I met one of these real sex dolls resellers, but the comments I sent were vague. But the similarity between the price and the photo didn’t make me hesitate: I started!

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