The purchase of this real sex dolls is banned

Two weeks later, I received the package, which is not surprising: the product matches the real sex doll photos and characteristics in every way. It’s been a week now and I’m excited! I’m crazy about it, but we have to admit that the biggest disadvantage of this doll is its proportion and size. So I took a look at the situation on the canvas and became hooked on this young lady. Therefore, I registered on this forum to take the time to learn about interviews, sellers, brands and models in order to make my choice completely Mature and avoid redoing “poker games” purchases like the first one, especially when it comes to paying the price! I’m a bit like you. I’m 30 years old, single and I really like it. Recently I chose to dive and order a beautiful doll to keep me at home. This real sex dolls you buy on Amazon is banned in France due to its size and childish appearance. I invite you to get rid of it.

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