My first real sex dolls purchase error

Regarding WM157b, this year it is a quite famous real sex doll model. We’re talking about it specifically here, and my Melissa provided her modeling skills in an amateur course here (you can watch as you enter Zone 2). Note that because of the hairstyle of the shrug model and the space between the neck and the head, the nape of the neck is modified. I reflect the same amount of appearance and size as before. I cannot access the link you posted, but I only know that ten posts are needed. Even if your teasing drools me, I must be patient! Well, I realized that my first real sex dolls purchase was wrong. I don’t want to run into problems or pedophiles who receive service … I got rid of this trouble and reported the product to Amazon. My presentation will at least warn newbies who are about to pass this post.

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