Intervene and ask your own questions about real sex dolls

I like beautiful curvy real sex doll. I hope to have a good conversation with you in this forum! I am 51 years old and widowed for a while. I want to buy myself a playmate who does not beat me, but I am afraid to make the wrong choice. I hope to find the answer to my question on the forum and avoid nonsense. I know you didn’t judge me, it’s all thanks to you, and I thank you for that. Considering the reduction in size, you are not the first person to be fooled by the price difference … certainly not the last … and, such a puppet is so beautiful. I hope you can conduct useful research. A great place to “surf”, explore, intervene and ask your own real sex dolls questions. You will find, of course, the context of the various nuggets and jewellery. And all in a very nice atmosphere.

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