Our sex doll is a companion

Welcome to the forum. I don’t consider sex doll as sex toys, because they are not inflatable, vulgar dolls, but works of art. Many of us are our partners in this forum. Personally, my three dolls do not serve me sexually. I’ve signed up and I’m writing this article to get information on future purchases. In short, I’m just exploring the world of dolls. I’m 44 years old from Lyon and recently found out after reading an article in the media These dolls. I’ll take a look at the user reviews for the next shopping, maybe a good day, see you soon. The media and the media do not always describe the doll world well, and they are often compared with inflatable dolls or sex toys, which is not the case here. First of all, our sex dolls are companions, they can break loneliness, and many people like me do not have sex with them.

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