Get information on future purchases of sex dolls

Do good research on forums and be aware of when buying sex doll. I recommend that you refer to the seller on the forum, as there are many scams and must be brought to your attention. Traveling is very dangerous, and your risk is much less. This is not a very enjoyable program. It can be said that for him, this will be a very specific first method of the doll world. This is the main thing. I signed it and the purpose of this email is to get information about buying sex dolls in the future. Anyway, I’m just discovering the world of dolls, lol yes, but it’s hot! The lighter 170h weighs almost the same as the 152, but whoever says bigger is more stretched, so there is no need for extravagance! But the size of 152/170 is similar to the pelvis … on the right side of 170, the abdomen is beautiful and well done!

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