I think it depends on the sex dolls manufacturing plant

The lower part of the back is well pulled, the curved sides and hips are very round … everything else looks flat, so the fact that the sex doll is stored may bend slightly. Only 50 kg, it makes you think. Note that for 152, the shape of the hips is not extravagant. I think these pictures were taken to highlight her ass. But in fact there is nothing extravagant. I think the robustness of TPE has something to do with it. In short, tell yourself that 152 has ass less than what you see in the photo. Nevertheless, it is calluses. For its abdomen, it is very successful. 2 small visible upper abdominal muscles, small Biddu decline. well-done. On the other hand, the waist should be better. For example, there are no 2 back dimples (on top of the hips). In some photos they are visible. I think it depends on the sex dolls manufacturing factory.

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