Lovers with two children and love silicone sex dolls

(Especially arriving within 3 weeks) You will be able to see that our sex doll are alive in the second zone, and some are on the road, like girlfriends and others, more crazy, like Cosplay and weird hair color. You will also see that if some are good at hairdressing, such as hair styling and makeup, others are useless. Sadly, I am a member of the second category. Suddenly, I would rather abstain from losing. So if you want, we will advise you. I am over 30 and single. I registered on the forum for inquiries and then bought. I discovered the world of dolls, and the possibilities were a bit scary at first. I was married with two children and lovers of silicone sex dolls. For three years, I tried these sex toys out of pure curiosity. I am curious about the materials used.

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