I watched real sex dolls for a long time

TPE is rarely equipped with a high-quality real sex doll skeleton (except that the latter has improved, but the range of motion has been reduced) I have not done any statistics, and I have not been here for a long time, but I seem to see By the time of the 1950’s doll lovers (this is also my case). Could it be the era of reason … or the opposite? mysterious. As for the feeling, like another would say: “This is 100 leagues for a woman, but 100 leagues you can do yourself!” Even if there is no doubt, it is undoubtedly still a “beautiful sexual object” , But it does play other roles. Sometimes, when I “lead” with my girlfriend and went home, I looked at real sex dolls for a long time and said to myself, “Is this easy? Peace, she !!”. In order to avoid falling and feel cruel disappointment, I hope that my expectations can “stick to” reality. It’s a way of doing things that suits me, and I’m happy to do it.

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