I’ve been interested in real sex dolls for years

Hello, I am the proud owner of 166 cm muscle real sex doll. I am here to see your information about maintenance dressings, etc. I am 41 years old and interested in a doll. I want to know more information so that I can buy it as soon as possible. The choices are huge, the details are impressive, and the price range is equally huge, which is difficult. You will find a lot of valuable information here. Good luck, this is a real journey and a very important step not to let you down. I read a lot in the information and reviews I could find before the order phase “get started”. TPE is a material with a shorter service life, weaker durability, and more difficult to repair. Previously, TPE was more flexible. Its internal foam silicone caught up to or even exceeded the flexibility of TPE (the appearance is more natural). This realism hasn’t stopped me from dreaming and enthusiastic (instead it will be ashamed!) I am 51 years old and have been interested in real sex dolls for several years; from a distance to the universe. Divorce, separation .. Later, why not? After all, being single and childless deprives me of being shameful.

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