Quality and flaws seem to matter

Someone looks at Buddha statue or candle to stay zen, I look at real sex doll! To bounce back in age, the fifties may be times when you don’t want to worry about life. Many experiments; particularly emotional have been encountered. Some have been lost. For me, this is the last straight line and you can still enjoy some real sex doll fun without disturbing your age. If it were not for the wiser, we would have become more philosophers! Personally, I need to rest to get rid of human passion. Sorry, HS. I cannot help you with your initial question, but I hope to do it someday. I don’t want to dwell too much on blind idealization and naive optimism. To me, knowing expectations … understanding the pros and cons, real sex dolls quality and flaws seem to be important. In short: know her before you meet her, don’t worry! I have long noticed that disappointment is always related to expectations.

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