I am also passionate about sex dolls photography

Hello or good night, depending on the time, I am a 27 year old man, single and in good health. I want a sex doll because I want to have some more realistic feelings, but the problem is that I live with my parents, so I can’t control my fantasy at will. Voila, I ordered my WM Dolls 145 D Cup Love Doll and I can’t wait. I will try to hide my beauty somewhere that won’t damage it. I struggled to choose my doll. At first it was 100 centimeters, then 130 centimeters, and I finally decided to take a 145 centimeter doll. Good day or good night. Glad to be with you. I am a man, I am 52 years old and have been alone for 8 years. After a serious traffic accident (arm, pelvis, etc.), I came here for advice to choose a future doll. (Weight and size) I am also passionate about sex dolls photography, and I hope to use this doll for portraits and general fashion. Welcome to the forum.

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