I still hope that sex dolls won’t change my apartment

There is indeed a lack of space optimization for sex doll in our apartment. I mean I have a lot of things and cardboard. It is useless to me. I can go to the wine cellar or throw them away, but I have been slow since July. Start slowly. I saw the open-minded lady. It’s good that you describe her as a sex doll. be careful. Note that the volume is equal to the weight. You will find that if you like many of us, it will take up a lot of time and space. Unless you decide not to wear her clothes. I saw the lady with an open mind, this good storage space. Fully agree, but I have no future baby. But this is already a pure joy, too much! In my case, I still hope that sex dolls won’t ask me to change my apartment in order to add a room to her dressing room, though … wait for it to be lucky!

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