Use a wheeled chair to make sex dolls easier to move

The doll is a good model of the photo, but please pay attention to the weight of your future sex doll. Each of my dolls weighs 38 kg and is very heavy to move. You can see photos of most people (mostly amateurs) in our photo library with a certain degree of realism. However, it will be difficult if you have problems lifting heavy objects. The smallest product (licensed product) starts at 23 kg, but is still a young teenager, rising only to more than 50 kg, which is a scattered weight. A 25 kg cement bag is easier to move than a 23 kg doll. If you want to stand up, you need to take a reinforced skeleton, so you must press hard on the joints at the beginning. Some will unlock after a while. Some people use a mini winch to lift it, or use a wheeled chair to make sex dolls easier to move. But remember, they are still vulnerable.

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