I ordered a sex doll this afternoon

I recently bought a sex chair, I really hope to have fun under the impression that there is no suffocation. Ah, I said that I prefer the location of the cowgirl to the missionary. But hey, this is disastrous, she can’t move on (perhaps because she is not alive, she can’t act alone?) and rely on me. It is impossible to choose a smaller model and a lighter strike (for example, 100 kg 12 kg, I don’t even know how people buy TPE sex doll, I think this is not healthy), miraculously, my online carnival let me go bright. I have to drive away… I don’t wait, I will charm, seduce and gently dislocate, is that better? I ordered a sex doll this afternoon and I can’t wait to receive it. I just want to know the material used: polyurethane foam, I hope the touch will be soft. Ok, will it be like a demo? Considering the size of the road, I will say yes. Goodnight.

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