Small size Asian style TPE dolls also have a choice

Hello, I am from Aquitaine, passionate about photography and curves (ah, I am a girl). I know sex doll for a few years and save time, I will wait again, but I have considered my standard, a girl about 1m40 / 50, not much, the chest is not too much (such as … L …) is definitely Asia People (however, models Lucy and Ella are beautiful!) Greetings to women. There are a lot of things here, but they don’t talk much, except that there are occasional companions. When it is tilted up a little, he says the size is weight, and the small model says it is holding the problem. The interests and content of everyone. Small-sized Asian-style TPE dolls are also available, they are great; I have one. But pay attention to the size, cut 145 in 10-12 years, so don’t be misled at the available clothing level, it is still very limited, especially at the level of underwear, but it is not a woman I think we will know!

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