I don’t want to hurt myself when I clean the doll

I am a 30-year-old bachelor. I have never had a relationship. I am a big sex doll consumer, but in the long run, I am tired, it is obvious that TPE dolls are different. I have a 2 month TPE sex doll, I hesitated for a long time, I am a model of 1m48, 35 kg. I am not sporty (1.90 m / 80 kg / body is very thin), I have a dog position, let him have a big hug trouble, so take him to my tray shower (I suddenly met, I pray clean Don’t hurt yourself when you are). I noticed that one joint of the leg was manipulated for 10 days, and my companion finally got a crazy paw. It is impossible to get it to stand up (although you can choose 60 balls).

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