Avoid my sex doll purchase being cheated

Hello everyone, I am coming to this forum because I bought a D-cup sex doll in the project (it is still a project). I am alone, I am fifty years old. I am here to ask, perhaps to seek advice, so as not to be deceived by my possible purchase. Hello everyone. New forum. Single recently, 45 years old, but very happy in my personal life, I am curious about everything. And very accidentally (just like things are doing well), looking for underwear I met a doll website. Curious, I am pursuing my navigation, I chose the game. Until I fell in love with Angelina, a golden doll, weighed about 1m67 and weighed 43kg. I look forward to it, she is currently on the plane. I want you to show some photos, but how to post them… greetings are friendly to everyone. I hope to publish, share, write, and exchange forums as soon as possible. I am still at the lowest level now. I hope to be a full member soon…?

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