I am asking more about sex dolls

I am single at the age of fifty in the Paris area. I know the existence of sex dolls, but no more. I am on the website, they are very beautiful! So what they deserve, I inquire more about them. Good evening, everything. She doesn’t have oil below 0°, it will lose slightly from time to time, but she absorbs the oil she lost, so there is nothing serious about it. We can recycle it with the mineral oil we want. Personally, I have never put oil (I like to talk about car lol) on my doll, which is a little more than a year. I found that TPE seems to be “dry” than before, talcum powder is very soft, but I am hesitant about grease. After testing the TPE, the temperature rise plus TPE will be easy to tear. Regarding the question entitled “French and doll’s kiss”, there is even a rather detailed topic. We are talking about a doll without language. You can also add one in an immovable language, with your mouth open or your mouth open. The recommended moulting is used for cleaning and sanitation.

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