Let sex dolls become a real place in your life

I did everything that people said and I like it very much. This is very important. But be careful, because it hasn’t been lifted too much: the low ceiling of the mezzanine bed, if you want to get your sex doll up and down every day, it can be very troublesome, it also depends on how you visit the D cup sex doll: because of the doll, In addition to the sometimes important weight, there are 2 arms that are carried in the position of the married person. So if you reach your mezzanine through a straight ladder, or if you are less than 1m20 on the bed, then you can really move it to hand washing and petting, or pets nearby. If you use stairs instead of Japanese, you can see a lot because it is narrow…but, hey, a doll, as a woman or a child, it also has the motivation to find a flat or larger house or It is completely relaxing, making it a real place in your life!

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