Other sex doll brands that no longer exist still exist

Sex dolls are new to me, I can’t wait to see the forum let me take care of my doll. By looking at the TPE sex doll manufacturer referenced on the forum, I found that my Doll tag does not belong to it. Should I worry? In general, you need to worry about dealers rather than manufacturers. Especially after the doll, I don’t know, but there are other brands that look very good, but they don’t appear in the list, and other brands that don’t exist anymore (I believe) but still exist. Personally, I found that my dolls are doing very well, and I am very careful with the recommendations of the forum. Too bad, I have not found this forum before because it will allow me to love dolls so that when there is a need to be vulnerable to our beautiful appearance, there is a repair shop. This will be the next one.

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