I do have my small sex doll

Hello, I am Widukin, I am in my 40s. At first, I just wanted to make a simple sex doll demo, but it turns out that I need more things, somehow leave a testimony, apologize, or show it… Ignore mentioning uselessness and Good reading! I will be straightforward: after a few years of sexual deprivation (not far from 15 years), I think it is a TPE sex doll to please me. Let’s set the scene: If it’s not Apollo, I like to think that I won’t hate it. I do have my small sex dolls, but who doesn’t… I participate in sports from time to time, I go out with friends and colleagues, and I get involved in socializing. I am also very busy and full of ups and downs. My QI and QE are slightly higher than the standard, not that I say to brag (except that few people know), but ask a fact. I have not suffered any mental or physical trauma or any form of abuse, and have a happy childhood, followed by busy adolescence, but in the normal state.

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