I spent a lot of time recording sex dolls

Hello, my name is Mika, I am 39 years old, I live in Paris, I am in a relationship. I am a newcomer on the forum. Suddenly, I am instructing, I am coming to introduce you to me. Here, the world of TPE sex doll is new to me and greatly attracts me. I spent a lot of time recording it and I hope that experienced people will provide some information/suggestions. In order to be very clear and honest at the moment, I am writing a book (my first book!) For a publishing house, one of the chapters will happen in this universe (I can’t tell you more about that moment) I especially want to collect Information, first-hand advice, because Wikipedia is good, I also plan to start and have a doll’s first experience. Unfortunately, there is no budget, I want to go to the sex doll exhibition in Paris, is this a good choice? If any of you can have some conversations with me, that would be great, you can contact me here or at MP. I wish you all a happy day.

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