Nothing is better than real sex dolls

Ah, haha, she let me crack, and when I found out that it was a little disproportionate, it triggered the buying behavior (the chest is too big and doesn’t fit my taste… it always – a little – example). Great good things take me… she is noble. (Although the 163 H Cup always has my preference, I, I deserve it). In fact, TPE sex doll reveal these proportions/disproportionate stories just a photo is still… a photo (2D, etc.). Nothing is better than reality. Therefore, other people here give you advice by going to a showroom to give you an opinion (suggested, I didn’t follow it myself… but is it given?). Anyway, it started wearing her khaki jeans/tights from yesterday… her little blue blouse with an appetizing cleavage, her black ankle boots… and her Lazy look… But she became blond. I am a fan of black hair/kids/red hair, and finally it suits him very well.

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