My taste for sex dolls is mainly influenced by others

I see exactly where you are from, and I think we can agree on this point because my taste for tpe dolls is mainly influenced by the fictional universe. Perfect face, perfect shape, etc. Because the physical standards I asked were mainly found in comics and TPE sex doll, which made me unable to attract real women. However, there is also a situation that makes me prefer large-size women with very obvious forms. Since my mother and father never gave me love in my childhood, I often took refuge in my aunt’s house so that I could get what I needed physically and psychologically. From that moment I got it from then on. This attraction has come and always refuses to evolve! So add my attraction (Is it possible for fetishism?) For a doll, you have a perfect experience, and he likes to be pampered by the large shapes of some large dolls. I have clearly understood all of this, but thank you again for reminding me.

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